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  • The Multi-Fund Structure – (2)

The Multi-Fund Structure – (2)

In this second article on the Multi Fund structure, we look at the different movements that occur between the RSA Funds. You can read the first part of this article…

Your Pension And The Stock Exchange

Pension funds are considered as institutional investors in the stock market. This is because they invest huge amounts of their funds in stocks.

The Micro Pension Plan – (2)

In the second part of this article, we will look at the different ways contributions can be made into a micro pension plan account.

The Multi-Fund Structure – (1)

Since the introduction of the Multi-Fund structure regime (aka Life Cycle investment structure) into the Nigerian pension industry in July 2018, there have been series of questions regarding the operations…

The Micro Pension Plan – (1)

The Micro Pension Plan (MPP) was introduced to cover the informal sector which comprises basically the self-employed individuals and the SMEs.

How The Stock Market Affects Your Pension

A lot of the time, people wonder why their pension account balances fluctuate up and down. This article discusses one of the reasons.

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