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Curbing the unfriendly practice of unremitted pension contributions

Spread the lovePensionTalk A key feature of the Contributory Pension Scheme is the joint contributions of monthly pension deductions and remittances. The contributory feature means that both the employer and…

Debunking The Myth about Programmed Withdrawal 10-year limit

Spread the loveOn a fateful day, I received a message from Tayo, a Retiree who is utterly confused as to whether to choose an Annuity or Programmed Withdrawal (PW). “I…

A note to all intending Relocators and RSA holders

Spread the loveBy: PensionTalk Are you planning to travel out of the country any time soon? Or are you an RSA holder who has been finding it difficult to do…

Watch these 4 things and have a wonderful retirement experience

Spread the loveHaving a smooth retirement isn’t just going to be a wishful thing. It definitely will not happen by chance. It is a continuous and deliberate effort of the…

How And When To Access Your Retirement Benefits Under The CPS – Part 2

Spread the loveIn the first series of this article, we walked you through the different types of retirement available under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS). In this second article, we…

How and When to Access your Retirement Benefits under the CPS – Part 1

Spread the loveAn RSA holder under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) can access his or her retirement benefits under some certain conditions. There are different conditions under the CPS through…

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