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If you need further assistance or are having issues with the PTAD “I Am Alive” pensioner confirmation exercise, read below 21 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can help you navigate successfully through the process.

PTAD – Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate FAQ ‘I AM ALIVE’ Confirmation

I have been verified by PTAD, do I still need to participate in the I AM ALIVE exercise?Yes. I AM ALIVE confirmation is to routinely confirm pensioners’ status of aliveness and ensure continued payment of monthly pension.

2. While trying to input my pensioners number, the system shows the host service is not available?

Internet connectivity may not have been established. Please try again.

3. On inputting my pensioner number, the system did not recognize the number and I could go no further?

Please check your pensioner number again to ensure that you are inputting all required numbers and letters correctly. If you are still unable to proceed please call back to register a complaint.

4. I have entered my PTAD verification number and account number and the system showed a different pensioner’s picture?

Very unlikely, unless you may have inputted the wrong numbers.

5. I have entered my PTAD verification number and account number but my picture could not be validated?

If you keep trying without success, please use the fingerprint option. We may need to update your picture on the database.

6. I have entered my PTAD verification number and account number. I also captured my picture but I could not go beyond face detection.

The picture you have taken is not clear, move to a place with good overhead lighting and ensure that the light is in front of your face or directly above your head then retake.

7. I did not receive a text message after completing the I AM ALIVE confirmation?

You may have provided a different phone number to PTAD at verification. Please provide the number used during verification. Otherwise request an update of your profile.

8. I changed my phone number after my last verification with PTAD, will it affect my ability to do I AM ALIVE?

You will not receive a text message. Please inform PTAD of your new phone number to update your file on the database.

9. I was logged out while in the process of carrying out the I AM ALIVE?

Internet connectivity issues, please try again.

10. After completing all the process, it shows fail or error?

Internet connectivity, please try again.

11. How many times do I have to repeat I AM ALIVE CONFIRMATION in a month or a year?

Confirmation will be routine annually. After each successful confirmation, you will be notified by text of your next due date

12. Can I do I AM ALIVE CONFIRMATION from another site apart from through PTAD website?

No, you cannot. You must log in through PTADs website.

13. Is I AM ALIVE identification letter from the embassy the same as the ‘’I AM ALIVE’’ being conducted by PTAD?

No. The letters issued by Nigerian Embassy abroad are for diaspora pensioners to verify their identity and location.

14. Why do I need to move my head using facial option?

The system is carrying out an aliveness check, so when you move your head it is capturing and sending the angle points of your facial features.

15. Do I need to use my BVN or other bank details like Debit Card Numbers or PIN for conducting the I AM ALIVE exercise?

No, you do not. Only your PTAD pensioner number and account number is required. PTAD will never ask you for your, BVN, PIN or ATM card number.

16. Is it safe to share my details with a third party to assist me in carrying out the I AM ALIVE CONFIRMATION?

Yes you can. Please always ask a trusted person to assist you. The only information required is your pensioner number and account number. DO NOT SHARE any other information.

17. If I miss the I AM ALIVE CONFIRMATION, will it affect my monthly pension?

Yes. You will be suspended from payroll for that month and any other month you miss thereafter. You can however complete the confirmation any day and time immediately after you received the notice of your “past due” date.

18. If I complete my IAM ALIVE after my past due date, will my suspension from payroll be lifted?

Yes. Your suspension will be lifted automatically and you will be restored to payroll for payment in the next payroll cycle.

19. I have been restored to the payroll following my suspension period, will I receive my arrears for the months I was on suspension?

Yes. Your arrears for every month/payment cycle missed will be automatically computed and added to your pension for the next month.

20. I was successful with my I AM ALIVE CONFIRMATION and yet my pension was stopped/not restored, what should I do?

Please contact PTAD through our call centre, any of our state offices or our Abuja contact centre.

21. If I try the facial option and I am unsuccessful and I want to do the alternative fingerprint option, where can I go to get it done because I will require assistance?

You can go to a business centre that has a fingerprint device or purchase a fingerprint device for use on your desktop. Go to I Am Alive portal o PTAD website and download the SDK feature.

22. If I am not successful with facial option, but successful with the fingerprint option, what could be the reason for this?

This may be because your face could not be detected by the system, or your photo on the database is not very clear and needs to be updated.

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Source: PTAD

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