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Federal Pensioners Advocate for Upward Revision of Monthly Pensions


Nov 6, 2023
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In light of the prevailing economic challenges, pensioners across Nigeria are uniting to appeal to the federal government for a critical review of the pension amounts disbursed to retirees.

Comrade Sunday Omezi, the National Chairman of the Federal Civil Service Pensioners representing the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, passionately addressed the plight of pensioners during a press statement on Friday.

He pointed out that the current monthly pension payouts are, in his words, “grossly inadequate” in the face of rising costs of living and services across the country. Comrade Omezi went on to emphasize that the existing situation has caused immense hardships for retirees, with some receiving as little as N10,000 as their monthly pension.

Comrade Omezi also took the opportunity to commend the re-appointment of Dr. Chioma Ejikeme as the Executive Secretary of the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) and encouraged her to build upon her previous achievements during her first term.

He expressed gratitude to President Ahmed Bola Tinubu for granting Dr. Chioma Ejikeme a well-deserved second term in office. This decision was praised due to her remarkable track record in the administration of pensions, characterized by punctual monthly pension payments, settlement of pension arrears, and innovative solutions that have streamlined the pension management process.

Furthermore, he highlighted the improvements in pensioners’ welfare, exemplified by initiatives like the “I am Alive” program, which aims to verify the eligibility of pensioners and curb payments to deceased pensioners, effectively preventing financial losses caused by ghost pensioners.

Geoffrey Chima, a member of the Federal Civil Service Pensioners, strongly urged the release of funds through PTAD to settle the arrears owed to senior citizens, addressing their immediate financial needs.Comrade Essiet Williams, the National Publicity Officer of Federal Civil Service Pensioners, underscored that the constitutional review of pensions should take place every five years.

The call for a review in pension payouts comes as pensioners grapple with the harsh economic realities, emphasizing the need for a responsive government to ensure a dignified retirement for its elderly citizens.

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