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The Lagos State House of Assembly approved the report of its establishment committee on Thursday, which recommended a 50% reduction in pensions for former governors and other affected officials.

The committee also repealed the provision of houses in Abuja and Lagos for former governors, as stipulated in an earlier state-operated law.

The number of vehicles available to former governors and their deputies was also reduced, according to the report.

Mudashiru Obasa, Speaker of the House, proposed that former governors be given two vehicles (a car and a van) rather than three as recommended by the committee.

He also suggested that the amended bill require the cars to be replaced every four years rather than the three years recommended by the report.

While some lawmakers in the plenary proposed increasing the pension for affected public office holders by 75%, others argued that the pension should remain unchanged from the old law.

Obasa, on the other hand, maintained that it should be kept at 50%, especially since the report recommended the removal of houses and the reduction of other benefits.

While recalling the recent assassination of Haiti’s President, Obasa stated that it was also necessary to protect the former office holders’ lives.

“By virtue of my position, I have seen former Speakers whose lives we simply had to intervene in because of the situations they found themselves in outside of the office. We’ve also seen former governors in dire straits,” he said.

Obasa acknowledged his colleagues’ argument that the projected downward review of pensions for former governors and others could be affected by inflation and other economic considerations but reminded the House that the House must meet the people’s wishes, one of which is a reduction in the cost of governance.

Source: Vanguard

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