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Military Pensions Board Requests Documents From Retirees, NoKs For Debarment Allowance


Mar 19, 2023
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The Military Pensions Board (MPB) has called on eligible military retirees and Next-of-Kin (NoKs) of deceased retirees to provide necessary documents for the payment of their Security Debarment Allowance (SDA).

Rear Adm. Sabiru Lawal, the Chairman of the board, issued a statement on Friday in Abuja, stating that the appeal was a follow-up to a previous notice on Jan. 17, which informed retirees of the documents required for the payment of their SDA to non-pensionable military retirees and NOKs of eligible deceased retirees.

Lawal noted that the board had been seeing a significant number of military retirees coming in for the processing of their SDA, but many of them lacked the required documents for their entitlements.

“All non-pensionable retirees eligible for SDA are expected to report to the board with the following documents for documentation purposes:

  • Copy of discharge certificate/retirement letter
  • Copy of discharge/retirement identification card/any other means of identification
  • Current passport photograph of the retiree
  • Letter from the bank confirming account details of the retiree
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN) slip.

“All NOKs of deceased military pensioners eligible for SDA are expected to report to the board with a copy of the death certificate of the deceased pensioner and a copy of the discharge certificate/retirement letter of the deceased pensioner. Also required are:

  • Sworn affidavit as to NOK of the deceased pensioner
  • Means of identification of the NOK such as a copy of national identity card, international passport, or driver’s license
  • Passport photograph of the NOK
  • Letter from the bank confirming account details of the NOK.”

The MPB Chairman further urged veteran associations to disseminate the necessary information to their members and NOKs of deceased pensioners before reporting to the board for documentation purposes for the payment of SDA.

It’s worth noting that non-pensionable retirees and NOKs of deceased military pensioners who report to the board without the required documents will not be attended to for payment of the SDA.

Source: NAN

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