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During a retirement planning seminar in Abuja, Mr. Hamisu Bala Idris, the Managing Director of Norrenberger Pensions Limited, revealed that only 10% of Nigerians have access to pension schemes. He emphasized that 80% of Nigerian retirees rely solely on their monthly pension for survival, which often leaves them vulnerable to financial crises due to delayed payments.

The seminar aimed to empower individuals nearing retirement and retirees, providing them with the necessary tools for a financially secure future post-retirement. It featured an extensive financial literacy session covering various topics, including financial planning, insurance, lifestyle adjustments, legal and estate planning. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with Norrenberger’s experts on retirement planning and explore ways to maximize the profitability of their pension savings.

Mr. Idris underscored the significance of the event, stating that it aligned with Norrenberger Pensions Limited’s mission to unlock opportunities within society. The seminar aimed to equip individuals with the knowledge needed to secure a comfortable retirement and make the most of their pension savings.

Abigail Utomi, the Business Head of Asset Management at Norrenberger Pensions, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative and highlighted its potential benefits for the attendees and the wider society. She emphasized the vital role of such events in promoting financial literacy and security for senior citizens in Nigeria, which in turn can have a positive impact on the country’s capital market and economy.

Utomi further stated that Norrenberger Pensions Limited remains committed to deepening the market, expanding its reach, and contributing to Nigeria’s GDP.

The seminar provided attendees with valuable insights and strategies to navigate their retirement years with financial stability and peace of mind, addressing the pressing issue of limited pension access in Nigeria.


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