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Concerned about the non-payment of retirement and death benefits in Kano since 2016, a group of pensioners has cried out, pleading with the state administration to pay their dues.

The group, which was organized under the banner of “Kano State Pensioners Unity,” also expressed concern about the state government’s failure to remit its statutory 17% and workers’ 8.33% contributions to the Pension Fund Trustees, citing this as another critical challenge in Kano’s pension management.

The organization said that Kano Pension Fund Trustees is currently insolvent and may find it difficult to meet the outstanding benefits, which amount to billions of naira, following a stakeholder conference held recently to discuss the pensioners’ plight.

The “State Pension Fund, has been depleted as a result of inadequate funding and management to the extent that the body could be termed financial insolvent, except for the few assets in its possession, which unfortunately could not meet its outgoings,” according to a communique signed by a nine-member committee led by Umar Farouk Ibrahim, the Chairman.

“The settlement of retirement and death benefits for people who left the service or died since 2016 has been put on hold, resulting in billions of naira in unpaid entitlement.

“Due to a lack of funds, the Kano state administration has been underpaying retirees for months. This decision has increased the financial strain on retirees, whose salaries, even when fully provided, are insufficient to cover their various requirements in the current economic climate.”

As a result, the group encouraged the Pension Trust Fund to begin publishing periodic reports on its actions, including its financial responsibilities, as required by law.

They also asked the Pensioners’ Union to establish a Revolving Minor Loan Fund as well as an Emergency Relief and Welfare Fund to assist the poor and families of pensioners in need.


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