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The Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) has released a statement suspending the walk-in verification exercise for Defined Benefit Scheme pensioners.

The statement was released on PTAD social media platform and reads as follows:

The Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate hereby informs the general public that it is suspending walk-in verification of Pensioners at its HQ and state liaison offices from December 15, 2021 till January 18,2022 for all pensioners under the Defined Benefit Scheme (DBS).

The suspension will affect pensioners under the Civil Service Pension Department (CSPD), the Police Pensions Department (PPD) and the Customs, Immigration, Prisons Pension Department (CIPPD) and Parastatal Pension Department (PaPD).

We wish to assure all pensioners that have requested for the Walk in Verification that they will be contacted and scheduled for the exercise.

For pensioners with urgent complaints, please send your complaints to, or you can upload your complaints on PTAD website complaint link on

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