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Month: January 2022

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Advice to all intending Retirees by A Pension Expert

By Muftau Tukuru, a pension expert working with one of the leading PFAs in Nigeria and with years of experience in dealing with pension-related matters. Retirement is a journey and…

How The Voluntary Contributions Operate Under The CPS

The Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) introduced what is known as Voluntary Contributions. A Voluntary Contribution (VC or AVC) is an additional non-compulsory contribution made by an eligible employee (in the…

Micro Pension Plan Contributors to enjoy health insurance in 2022 – PenOp

Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) and other pension sector stakeholders have announced plans to offer health insurance packages to micro-pension participants across the country. The operators said the gesture will lead…

Dangers of having Multiple RSA PINs for a Contributor

What is the RSA PIN? The RSA Personal Identification Number is a unique and lifetime personalized alpha-numeric identifier issued to a contributor under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) by the…

Retired soldiers protest, demand payment of pension arrears

Some former soldiers protested at the Abuja headquarters of the Ministry of Finance, demanding the payment of their pension arrears. The Coalition for Concerned Veterans, which represents retired soldiers, claims…

N1.68 billion pensions arrears: Pensioners in Kwara threaten to go to court again

The contentious N1.68 billion in unpaid benefits allegedly owed to retirees in Kwara state by the government appears to have no end in sight. The debt allegedly accumulated by the…

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