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In a bid to clear all the outstanding pension backlogs owed to pensioners in the state, Governor Abba Yusuf of Kano State inaugurated the payment of approximately N6 billion in pension and gratuities owed to pensioners. The inauguration took place at the Coronation Hall Government House in Kano on Saturday.

Governor Yusuf, addressing the gathering, acknowledged the challenging situation inherited by his administration, with a substantial backlog of pensions and gratuities. He expressed regret that many retirees had passed away without receiving their entitled benefits due to the neglect witnessed during the previous eight years.

“As you are aware, the eight years of the last administration witnessed neglect of so many sectors, which includes deductions of monthly pensions illegally,” Governor Yusuf stated. He highlighted the commitment of his administration to fulfill promises made during the campaign, emphasizing that the payment was a step towards honoring those commitments despite competing demands.

The governor assured that the payment would continue, emphasizing the determination to settle the backlog of over N48 billion in pensions and gratuities in the near future. He urged beneficiaries to use the funds judiciously for a brighter future.

Habu Fagge, the Executive Chairman of the Kano State Pension Trustee Fund, emphasized the positive impact of injecting N6 billion into pension payments. He stated that this move would significantly contribute to the revival of the economy and improve the welfare and livelihood of the people of the state.

Chief of Staff Shehu Sagagi and Head of Service Abdullahi Musa commended the governor for fulfilling the promise made to pensioners in Kano. They expressed that the payment of gratuities would bring an end to the hardships faced by retirees and applauded the efforts of Governor Abba Yusuf’s administration.

Representing the National President of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Abdullahi Tsoho Garba, expressed that the governor’s actions demonstrated a pensioner-friendly administration. The Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, commended the governor’s “giant stride” in initiating the gratuity payment program.

Source: NAN

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