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Military Pension Board praises Federal Government over the timely release of military pensions


Sep 9, 2021
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Commodore Abayomi Sabur Lawal, Chairman of the Military Pensions Board (MPB), has expressed gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari for the early release of monies for military retirees and has guaranteed pensioners of the Nigerian Armed Forces of continued quick payment of pensions and gratuities.

On Wednesday, September 8, 2021, Commodore Abayomi offered the assurance during a courtesy visit to the Commander Guards Brigade, Brigadier General Takuti Usman of the Nigerian Army, in his office at Aguiyi Ironsi Cantonment in Abuja.

According to the Chairman, the Military Pension Board is tasked with ensuring prompt payment of pensions and gratuities, as well as assisting military personnel in carrying out other subsidiary duties that will make their exit from the force easy and comfortable, adding that the visit was necessary in order to synergize with the Brigade to ensure adequate security of the inmates.

Commodore Abayomi took advantage of the opportunity to update the Brigade’s Commander and other staff officers on some of the Board’s accomplishments, citing the rapid release of money and payment of gratuity and pensions to retirees who had just withdrawn from service as examples.

President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces President Muhammadu Buhari, according to the Board Chairman, has ensured adequate and timely disbursement of money by the Central Bank of Nigeria since taking command.

He pledged the board’s commitment to maintaining and guaranteeing that all military retirees receive their benefits on time, and that no one who has served in the nation’s defense meritoriously will be denied his legitimate entitlements.

In response to the Commander Guards Brigade, Brigadier General MT Usman expressed his gratitude to the Chairman and members of his team, noting that the visit had provided an opportunity for him and other Brigade officers to be thoroughly informed and educated about the board’s dealings.

Brigadier General Mohammed Takuti Usman also praised the chairman and his team for guaranteeing the timely payment of all retirees’ gratuities and pensions since taking office, and requested that the trend be continued to maintain both serving and retired personnel’s morale high.

Source: The Vanguard

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