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In response to recent speculation and circulating misinformation, Premium Pensions Ltd has come forward to address the rumors surrounding a potential business combination with an undisclosed entity. While the company denies specific claims, it has confirmed ongoing discussions and the possibility of a takeover or merger, highlighting that no definitive agreement has been reached at this time.

In a press release, Premium Pensions addressed the speculations, assuring its customers that their best interests remain the primary consideration in any decisions made. Boasting a substantial N1 trillion in Assets Under Management (AUM) and a consistent track record of surpassing industry-average investment performance, the company underscored its strong fundamentals and growth projections.

While the nature of the potential business combination was not explicitly disclosed, Premium Pensions hinted at the possibility of either being acquired or entering into a merger with another entity within the pension fund administration sector. The company emphasized that any considerations concerning future growth plans would align with their aspirations and take into account the interests of stakeholders.

Premium Pensions emphasized that all discussions are being conducted in adherence to proper protocols, with due processes being followed diligently. The proposed combination, if it comes to fruition, aims to bolster the company’s market position and enhance its pension services, ultimately leading to an improved customer experience.

While the press release was primarily intended as a denial of the rumors, it inadvertently confirmed that a potential deal is under consideration and could potentially be finalized in the near future.


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