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Data Recapture: PenCom stops recapturing agents as contract expires

The National Pension Commission (PenCom) has announced the discontinuation of data recapture exercises by the two authorized agents, effective May 30, 2023. In a press release issued today, the pension…

PFAs Online Data Recapture Exercise (DRE) Useful Links

If you are finding it hard to do your Data Recapture Exercise online, this is for you.

Data Recapture Exercise – How to do it

The Data Recapture Exercise (DRE) is an exercise conducted by PFAs or appointed agents which involves recapturing the personal data including biometrics of all existing registered RSA holders who must…

A note to all intending Relocators and RSA holders

By: PensionTalk Are you planning to travel out of the country any time soon? Or are you an RSA holder who has been finding it difficult to do the Data…

PenCom reiterates the importance of the Data Recapture Exercise (DRE)

In a press release today, the National Pension Commission (PenCom) has reiterated the need for all RSA holders to recapture their Data at the office of their respective Pension Fund…

Dangers of having Multiple RSA PINs for a Contributor

What is the RSA PIN? The RSA Personal Identification Number is a unique and lifetime personalized alpha-numeric identifier issued to a contributor under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) by the…

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